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The most effective ways to gain quality leads for your cleaning business

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People Looking for Cleaners

Whether you’re just starting your cleaning company or planning to scale your established business, it’s important to know how and where to find people looking for cleaners. 

Read on to discover our tried-and-tested strategies to find the people who need your services.

Market Your Cleaning Services Online 

With millions of people using the internet today, extensive digital marketing is necessary to keep up with the competition and reach your target audiences. 

Follow these steps to level up your digital marketing strategy: 

Create a Sleek Business Website

A professional cleaning website design that properly represents your brand is essential for every cleaning business, whether you’re targeting homeowners, realtors, or builders. 

People who hear about your cleaning company will check your website to see your services, creating a lasting impression. 

A conversion-focused site should: 

  • Load smoothly and quickly
  • Provide an excellent user experience
  • Include effective calls-to-action
  • Be search engine optimized
  • Bonus: Have a professional promo video

Regularly Create Valuable Content 

A cleaning blog is a perfect avenue to share your perspective with your target audience and build a meaningful connection.

  • Regularly create informative, high-quality cleaning post ideas to boost your authority and credibility with your readers and Google.
  • Write about exciting cleaning topics and solutions to problems, like your cleaning processes, home cleaning tips, how to get rid of hard-to-clean stains, and the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services.  

Get Active on Social Media 

If you don’t have any social media presence, you miss out on valuable opportunities to find people looking for cleaners. 

  • Connect and network on the most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Local Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and websites like Nextdoor are excellent platforms for finding property managers and local realtors looking for cleaners. 

Use Paid Digital Advertising Channels 

Various online advertising channels are available to help you run targeted campaigns. 

  • These campaigns help you spread awareness about your business, attract cleaning leads, and increase traffic to your site – ultimately boosting your sales and profits. 
  • For example, Facebook ads for cleaning businesses allow you to target specific audiences to get the most bang for your buck compared to expensive billboards that blindly advertise to every person driving by your ad.
  • You can set up your Facebook ads to show only to the homeowners residing in your service area. 

Don’t Forget Traditional Advertising Methods  

People looking for cleaning services are all around you. You can employ timeless marketing strategies to connect with the ideal customers for your business. 

Reach Out to Your Local Community 

Participating in local events is a great way to connect with prospective clients. You can also offer free cleaning services to non-profit organizations, such as for charity events, to create positive publicity.  

Distribute Flyers and Branded Merchandise

Get the word out about your cleaning business by posting flyers and distributing pamphlets in bustling areas.

  • Be sure to add your complete contact details, including your phone number, website, and email. 
  • You can also give free branded items, such as printed shirts and pens, to pique people’s interest. 

Here’s all you need to include on your cleaning flyers

Expand Your Network 

Attending local events and trade shows lets you rub shoulders with other business owners who can potentially refer your services to people looking for cleaners. 

  • For example, cleaning supply businesses can recommend your cleaning company to homeowners and renters in high-end apartments. 
  • You can attend apartment management conferences to network with property managers and get cleaning contracts with apartments.

To find builders looking for cleaners, try to drive around and search for construction sites.

  • Construction companies are constantly hiring cleaners for post-construction cleaning jobs.
  • You can simply request to speak with the project manager or ask for contact information to send your brochure and any freebies. 

Start a Referral Program 

A referral program is an excellent way to encourage repeat customers and gain new clients, whether you want a stream of residential or commercial cleaning leads

  • Let your clients know about your referral program by sending a follow-up thank-you email or calling them over the phone.
  • You can provide discounted services or a free service package upgrade for successful referrals. 

Homeowners can refer their neighbors and friends to your cleaning services. If you’re targeting apartments, you can easily get busy for months when word gets out in the entire building about your stellar services. 

Ask for these referrals to find realtors looking for cleaners: 

  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate agencies
  • Property managers

These referrals will help you connect with builders looking for cleaners: 

  • General contractors
  • Framing contractors
  • HVAC contractors
  • Commercial builders
  • Concrete contractors
  • Floor installers
  • Deck and fence contractors

Final Thoughts

Growing your cleaning business involves putting effort into marketing for cleaning services to attract quality leads and maintain a steady stream of clients. Apply the tips above to find people looking for cleaners, whether you’re targeting homeowners, realtors, builders, or small businesses.  

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