This Is What to Put On A Cleaning Service Flyer (7 examples)

Discover the essential elements of an eye-catching flyer and get ideas from our samples of cleaning service flyers.

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A cleaning service flyer is a single-sheet print advertisement to promote your business. Many cleaning businesses in the U.S. still use this timeless marketing method as a cost-effective way to spread the word about their cleaning services and attract new customers.

What to Put on a Cleaning Service Flyer

A compelling cleaning service flyer features six key elements: a catchy headline, a brief description of your cleaning services, stunning graphics, contact details, a call to action, and a special offer to hook your target audience.

An effective flyer not only grabs attention; it persuades your target audience to take your desired action.

1. Catchy Headline

Think about the first thing you want people to read when they see your flyer. What do you want your target audience to remember the most?

Your headline should be intriguing and relatable to capture attention at first glance. It could be:

  • A clever, memorable tagline
  • Your company’s name

Use a large font to make your headline stand out.

2. A Brief Description of Your Cleaning Services

Your cleaning flyer’s copy should tell people what you do, why your services are better than the rest, and how customers should contact you.

Focus only on your most important details. Keep it short and interesting by using simple-to-read sentences and lists instead of chunky blocks of boring text.

Your flyer should highlight your:

  • Cleaning services, preferably in a checklist or bulleted list for simplicity
  • Unique selling propositions, like green cleaning
  • Anything else that makes you outshine competitors, like additional services other cleaning companies usually don’t offer

If you want to add a price list, include only basic pricing details to give prospective customers an idea of how much you charge.

You can also add your cleaning company’s mission statement, vision, or core values where it makes sense. A brief mention of your community involvement, such as volunteer charity work, paints a picture of a cleaning business that truly cares.

How much content you include depends on the type of flyer you’re creating. For example, postcard mail, posters, and brochures showcase more information than door hangers.

3. Stunning graphics

Graphics add visual appeal to flyers. A beautifully designed flyer will draw attention and create a wonderful first impression, encouraging potential customers to book your cleaning services.

Use high-resolution icons, images, and illustrations relevant to your flyer’s overall message. Include the following elements:

  • Logo
  • Your brand fonts
  • Your brand colors
  • Professional-quality photos
  • Relevant icons

Pro Tip: Design your flyer with an eye-catching yet easy-to-scan and clutter-free layout. Don’t overwhelm prospects with hard-to-read fonts and mismatched colors.

4. Contact Details

Ensure potential clients know how to get in touch with you by including your:

  • Website
  • Phone number or email
  • Social media

Pro Tip: When creating poster flyers, add tearaway strips that feature your cleaning company’s name and contact information.

5. Call to Action

Add a persuasive call to action, whether you want your target customers to give you a call, get a free quote, or visit your website.

6. A special offer

What will prompt your target customers to contact you and choose your services?

  • Discounts: Offer an irresistible discount for first-time customers to catch their interest. It’s also a good idea to provide limited-time discounts, such as seasonal and holiday discounts, as they create a sense of urgency and prompt people to act fast.
  • Specialization: Does your cleaning business specialize in particular cleaning services, like move-in and move-out cleaning?

Pro Tip: Measure your success by attaching discounts to unique promo codes, making it easy to track the leads generated from your flyers. You can also use different phone numbers for different flyer versions to determine which ones are more effective. Or add a QR code for easy tracking.

7 Cleaning Service Flyer Examples

Designing flyers online is easy with graphic design tools like Canva. Check out the following pre-made flyer templates to get an idea:

Final Thoughts: Attract New Customers With a Well-Designed Flyer

With a catchy cleaning service flyer, more people will discover your business and learn why you’re the best choice around.

Remember to know the target market for your cleaning services, and distribute your flyers wherever they frequent for a successful marketing stint.

Keep experimenting to know what works. Next, find out how to win apartment cleaning contracts with proven strategies to help your business generate recurring revenue.

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