Cleaning Blog Ideas: 8 Best Topics to Write for Your Website

Powerful blog cleaning ideas to increase your traffic and boost conversions.

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Cleaning Blog Ideas

Launching a cleaning blog can be an excellent content marketing strategy for your cleaning business. 

If you’ve just started your blog, you might not know where to start, but we’re here to help! This guide will give you some cleaning blog ideas your customers will love. 

1. Your Cleaning Process

Letting your potential customers into how your cleaning process goes and what type of cleaning materials and products you use can help you earn their trust. 

Transparency can make all the difference in the cleaning industry, especially since many customers want to know the specifics. 

Write about everything that goes into cleaning, from preparing the materials to spraying the air freshener. 

Pro-Tip: You can create different blog posts for each of your cleaning services, such as commercial cleaning or post-construction cleaning, if you need commercial cleaning blog ideas.

2. Demonstrate the Highlight Products of the Season

Customers are always looking for new products to help them clean their homes or offices more efficiently and effectively. And because the cleaning industry is massive, the number of products you can try is almost endless. 

If there are new exciting products that display good potential, informing your customers about them can be a great idea to generate leads and establish authority. 

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to talk about the best products, but if there’s a new product that everyone is talking about, conducting and publishing a review about it would be a great way to benefit your readers.

You can specify the product’s features and explain how they can solve your customers’ problems. If something is disappointing in the product, you can also mention it.

3. Add Customer Testimonials

Customers are often skeptical about trying a new cleaning service if they don’t know anyone who has used it. If your cleaning business is relatively new, word-of-mouth marketing hasn’t really kicked in yet. 

The best alternative here is to ask your customers for testimonials and publish them on your cleaning business blog. Then, you can take it a step further and conduct short one-on-one interviews with your customers to let them discuss what they liked the most about your services.

Include these testimonials on other parts of your cleaning website as well because testimonials can increase conversions on a sales page by 34% (optinmonster).

Key-Takeaway: When your prospects and leads see these customer stories, they could get motivated to convert and become long-term clients.

4. Explain the Benefits of Cleaning Services

If your potential customers haven’t tried opting for a cleaning service, its benefits may not be readily apparent. Besides saving time and effort, explain to your customers the total value of using a cleaning service to motivate them to convert.

Professional cleaning can be entirely different from simply “doing it yourself”. Demonstrate how your cleaning services stand out and what makes them better than competitors. 

Pro-Tip: You could also talk about your team, customer service, and the overall user experience for your cleaning blog topics. For example, if booking your service is quick and easy, you can highlight that on the list of benefits. 

5. Write About How to Keep Different Rooms Clean

Showing your customers how to keep their rooms clean can help you establish yourself as an authority in the industry. It also demonstrates that you want to genuinely help your customers live in a clean house, regardless of whether they book your services. 

One bonus is that, by teaching your customers how to keep their rooms clean, your team’s job will be much easier the next time they visit!

6. Publish Some Cleaning Tips and Tricks 

Cleaning tips and tricks are probably the hottest topics in the cleaning industry. There’s a chance your customers are interested in getting helpful cleaning hacks from you. 

Try searching for cleaning tips and tricks on Google. 

If something will help your customers clean their homes quicker, more efficiently, or without costing them more money, don’t hesitate to share it! 

Pro-Tip: You can also mention that if your customers don’t have the time to try these tricks themselves, you can give them a helping hand. It’s an indirect CTA (Call to Action) that can be super effective!

7. Create a Free Cleaning eBook

Customers always like to walk away with something free that they can download. It’s one of the most effective cleaning business marketing techniques out there. 


Enticing your readers to download your free cleaning eBooks in exchange for providing their contact info can do wonders regarding lead generation. Just make sure that your eBook is helpful and well-thought-out. 

The next few times your customers use your eBook, they’ll automatically start thinking about trying out your services.

8. Specify Your Service Areas

Ensuring your service areas are easily accessible for your customers is super important. When customers first visit cleaning company websites, they may wonder whether you offer your services in their neighborhood. 

So, make sure you list your service areas directly on your homepage and footer.


Common Questions About Cleaning Blogs

How often should I publish new cleaning articles?

At a minimum, you should publish one new article every three months to demonstrate that your blog is active and up to date.

How can I increase traffic to my cleaning blog?

Increase traffic to your cleaning blog by sharing your articles on social media. You can also optimize your articles for search engines by including commonly searched keywords and making your content as helpful to the reader as possible.

Final Words

The investment into writing about these cleaning post ideas is low, but the impact your efforts will create in the long term can be massive. 

Your blog will grow faster than expected by giving your customers valuable information.

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