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Your goal with generating post-construction cleaning leads shouldn’t be to immediately win new contracts with your actions but rather to put your services in front of every contractor in your area so they know your name when they do need you later on.

So, this article will show you how you can quickly get in contact with as many contractors in your area and generate post-construction cleaning leads.

1. Use Social Media

By now (2022), just about everyone is on social media, and slowly businesses are starting to catch on. Not all construction companies are active on social media, but enough are active so that you can manually like their pages, message them, and start a conversation about your services.

Again, we’re going for awareness here, so don’t outright pitch your services. Focus on building relationships to generate commercial cleaning leads over time.

And check out our post about Facebook Ads for Cleaning Businesses to learn how to leverage paid ads and get your message in front of more potential leads.

2. Focus on SEO

Every successful cleaning business should have an SEO-optimized website for two reasons:

  • To generate leads from Google search
  • Show you’re legitimate

Cleaning company websites are the new business cards, meaning people who want to know what you’re business is about and if you’re legit will often look you up to see if you have a website.

Having a website opens you up to people who’ve never heard of your business but might need your service.

This is crucial for growing a residential cleaning business and can be beneficial for your post-construction cleaning business, too.

3. Use Traditional Marketing

If the internet is your best friend, then traditional marketing might as well be your drinking/golf buddy.

When and if you exhaust all of your free options online, start driving for dollars.

What is driving for dollars?

In the post-construction cleaning business, that means driving around looking for construction sites. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but you can walk to the site and ask to speak with the project manager. Or, you can just take down a phone number, email, or mailing address to send a marketing packet to.

4. Join Contractor Boards

Every state has a licensing board for contractors where they list who all the licensed contractors are. There are also many websites where contractors post jobs they’re working on so subcontractors can place bids.

These are goldmines to help you find contractors who aren’t necessarily online or hard to track down in person.

5. Ask for Referrals

The above strategies should be enough to get you your first few clients. From there, your website and referrals should take your business the rest of the way.

Who should you seek referrals for?

  • Framing Contractors
  • General contractors
  • HVAC
  • Deck & Fence Contractors
  • Floor Installers
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Commercial Builders

Ask your clients if they know anybody active in the above industries who may need your services. They may not know anybody of the top of their heads, but when the conversation comes up with their colleagues about your services, they may mention your name.

Key-Takeaway: A referral strategy should be a part of every local service company’s business plan.

Final Thoughts

Focusing your attention on post-construction cleaning jobs is a great way to increase your cleaning company’s profits.

Marketing your construction cleaning business is not something that needs to be overthought.

There are more than enough construction businesses to work with. Almost all of them need cleanup services, and you’re unlikely to find much legitimate competition underbidding you for cleanup jobs.

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