How to Write a Cleaning Company Mission Statement (With Free Examples)

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cleaning company mission statement

A cleaning company mission statement, also called a vision statement, briefly explains your purpose and core values. 

It’s your way of telling the world about what you do and what sets you apart in just one to two sentences. 

An excellent mission statement creates a great impression. 

Read on to discover four steps to define a well-thought-out mission statement for your cleaning business and mission statement examples. 

4 Steps to Create a Strong Company Mission Statement 

Developing a compelling mission statement takes careful planning. 

Spend time to fully understand what your business is all about and evaluate your long-range goals and objectives. 

Follow these four steps to craft a mission statement for your cleaning business. 

Step 1: Identify why your cleaning business exists. 

Why are you in the cleaning industry? Figure out why you decided to start a cleaning business and how your company culture can reflect this purpose. 

Pro Tip: Sit down with people who know your cleaning business and explore various ideas and answers. You can brainstorm better with more minds involved. 

Step 2: Determine how your cleaning company operates. 

What does your cleaning business do, and how do you deliver your services? 

Find out what value your business offers to customers and employees, whether you’re using eco-friendly cleaning solutions or going above and beyond in customer service.  

Pro Tip: A strong mission statement focuses on what makes your company outshine the competition. For example, you could have a team of certified professionals who deliver personalized all-around house cleaning services. 

Step 3: Pinpoint your cleaning company’s core values and goals. 

Your core values play a valuable role in creating your cleaning company mission statement, as they serve as the bedrock of why your cleaning business exists. 

Clear core values inform your customers about what to expect from you and help shape your daily culture. Service excellence, integrity, reliability, and professionalism are excellent core values for cleaning businesses. 

It’s also essential to determine your long-term goals and what exactly you want to achieve in the cleaning industry. 

Make sure your goals are realistic and clearly obtainable. 

Pro Tip: Think of something your employees, customers, and investors find relatable and believable. For example, you could set the goal of becoming the number one carpet cleaning company in your area. 

Step 4: Identify your core customer base. 

Define your target market and which areas you serve, whether you’re offering house cleaning services to homeowners in a small state or commercial cleaning contracts across the country. 

4 steps to create a cleaning company mission statement

Quick Tips to Write a Stellar Mission Statement That Resonates

Avoid technical jargon. 

You don’t want to use complicated words that are tough to understand at first glance. 

Use vibrant, persuasive phrases. 

Get specific about your values, passion, and goals for running your cleaning business. You can inspire action by creating dynamic images and describing your purpose using words like personalized cleaning and friendly, trained professionals.

Keep it short and to the point. 

You want a compelling statement that’s easy to read and digest, ideally no longer than 100 words. 

Merge and condense your ideas, creating a brief yet catchy, action-focused mission statement. 

You don’t have to say too much. Remember, you can include all other information on your cleaning website and promotional materials. 

Cleaning Company Vision Statement Examples

Here are several examples of mission statements to give you some inspiration.


“We believe that your home deserves a personalized clean — beyond your expectations — by quality, trained professionals who clean your home the way you want.”

One of the most trusted cleaning companies in the US, MaidPro presents a vision of “bathrooms and kitchens sparkling, beds made, freshly vacuumed carpets, and hardwood floors so shiny you can see your smiling face.” 

Their mission statement clearly reflects the exemplary results they want to achieve in every cleaning job. 

MaidPro emphasizes how every customer deserves a personalized clean by cleaning experts. 

The Cleaning Authority

“The Cleaning Authority will be the leading provider of residential cleaning services by creating a positive impact on the quality of life of the homeowners we serve, the people we employ, and the franchisees we support.”

This is an excellent cleaning company mission statement that clearly defines the company’s goals and how they intend to achieve those goals. 

The Cleaning Authority conveys the positive impact they can have on the quality of life of customers, employees, and franchise owners. 

With over 225 franchise locations across the US and Canada, The Cleaning Authority communicates that they want to dominate the residential cleaning franchise industry through a strong mission statement.

Maid Bright

“Our mission is to offer specialized customer-friendly cleaning services to residents in the Washington, DC area, ensuring a positive experience every time.”

Maid Bright’s mission statement highlights specialized cleaning services and a customer-friendly approach. 

It also includes a specific location, effectively letting people know which area Maid Bright serves. 

You could use powerful words like positive experience and customer-friendly to inform people about your superior customer service.

Final Thoughts: Craft a Compelling Mission Statement to Capture the Spirit of Your Cleaning Business

With a well-developed mission statement, your cleaning business successfully communicates your goals and helps people understand what makes you unique. 

Now that you created an outstanding cleaning company mission statement, the next step is to share it with your target market, partners, investors, and everyone else.  

Add it to your cleaning website’s about page., marketing materials, and company documents to unify your cleaning company advertising efforts and ensure all your employees are on the same page.

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