How to Get Commercial Cleaning Leads (4 Methods)

Strategies you can implement now that pay off

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Do you have a new janitorial/commercial cleaning business that now just needs leads? Maybe you’ve been in business for a while but need more work to stay in business?

Whatever your situation may be, this article is going to show you how you can put your expertise and cleaning supplies to good use and generate more commercial cleaning or janitorial leads.

Commercial cleaning leads are businesses that need to hire cleaners to clean their commercial property. Examples include offices, hospitals, and warehouses.

Imagine having a constant stream of businesses and commercial facilities soliciting your services. From office building leads to post-construction cleaning leads.

Always knowing where your next job will be coming from and actually having TOO MUCH work to handle causing you always to be hiring?

This is possible if you implement the free and paid strategies we’ll share in this blog post.

Using both, you can manually compile lists of possible clients in your area and do outreach, all the while exposing your business to potential clients through online methods.

If you want to grow your cleaning business fast, we suggest implementing all of these strategies into your business ASAP.

1. Get More Referrals

Every local service business should have a referral program so that customers, friends, and family can be incentivized to refer them.

If you already have happy customers, then ask them to refer you to new customers in exchange for a few free services or a one-time free upgraded service package.

2. Cold Call

Colding calling is a great addition to your growth planning because you can knock out dozens of cold calls within a few hours without leaving your house. Create a google sheet and just start adding in the information for schools, medical offices, and any other business niche you’d like to clean in.

Block off a time, sit down and make some calls. Ask to speak to whoever is in charge of the property’s maintenance or a boss. If they’re not available, ask the best way to get in touch or if you can schedule an in-person appointment.

A note of caution, businesses get flooded with cold calls. However, it’s not often they get personalized calls from other local businesses, like yours, looking to network.

3. Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If cold calling and referrals are like a faucet, then SEO for cleaning services is like a firehose for getting leads and increasing your cleaning company’s profits. There’s truly nothing better than having a website that sits on the top of Google, scooping up 100% free search traffic.

Every day, your ideal customers are searching for your services. More, every day you’re not at the top of Google search, your competitors are taking advantage of that.

For your cleaning business, you’ll want a fast, mobile-friendly website that’s optimized for your location and services. Your cleaning service website design should load quickly so that your visitors aren’t frustrated.

Pair that with a Google Business Profile, and you can rank at the top of Google in as little as three months, depending on how competitive your market is.

For your Google Business Profile (GBP), ask customers to leave reviews. Also, claim/create your profiles on Yelp, Facebook, Merchant Circle, and other citation websites.

Pro-Tip: Ensure the address you posted on Google matches the address you display on the citation websites.

Taking advantage of these two strategies alone can ensure your business has a neverending stream of commercial cleaning contracts.

4. Post on Social Media

Once you have your first few clients, actively update your social media feeds with photos and videos of your work. This will help build what’s called social proof, or evidence that other people have found value and purchased your service.

Businesses looking for your services may not start their search on social media, but when they narrow down their list to a few candidates, they will always be biased towards the cleaning business they think can get the job done best. Social media is the easiest and most scalable way to showcase your work for free.

Tip: Check out our complete guide to running Facebook ads for cleaning businesses.

Common Questions About Commercial Cleaning Leads

How do you pitch for commercial cleaning?

Pitch your commercial cleaning services by focusing on reliability, quality, and specialized services such as green cleaning, pressure washing, or disinfecting services.

How do you win a commercial cleaning bid?

You can win commercial cleaning bids by having the best communication skills among your competitors. Call your customer to discuss their specific needs and offer a personalized solution that meets their goals.

Dedicate Time to Generating Commercial Cleaning Leads

With a little bit of patience and focused work, you can grow a commercial cleaning business that operates multiple crews. As a business owner, you should set aside at least a few hours a week dedicated to just marketing to increase your chances of success.

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