How to Grow a Cleaning Business Fast: Growth Strategies

scale your cleaning business to new heights

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Do you want to know how to grow a cleaning business fast? If so, you’re in luck. With the right cleaning business growth strategy, you can achieve impressive results in a short period. Cleaning services are in high demand, and small businesses can grow quickly in the cleaning industry.

With so many homes and offices across America – there are endless opportunities for providing cleaning services. If you can position yourself as a reliable option, you can grow your cleaning business quickly.

We all know that growing any business takes dedication, perseverance, business planning, and smart decision-making.

If you’re looking for methods of growing your cleaning business, then look no further because here are some great growth strategies on how YOU can scale your cleaning business to new heights faster than you thought possible.

1. Show What Makes You Unique

Many cleaning businesses don’t do a great job differentiating themselves from the competition. They offer the same things other companies talk about. Standing out from your competitors is essential in a competitive market like the cleaning industry.

Customers want the best and will go with you instead of anyone else if they feel like there’s a positive difference between you and the rest. If you can communicate to them differently or offer a uniquely different service, this will help you grow your cleaning business.

To succeed in this competitive landscape and make more money from your cleaning business, you need to innovate. You can come up with ideas by listening to what the market says about your competition.

Check Facebook, online reviews, and word of mouth to assess how well they are doing their job versus yours. You can take the positives and work on including them in your business. Also, you can introduce your team on the bio page of your cleaning website design (this could be in video form or just text).

Engagingly introducing people is one of the best ways that customers gain confidence about who they are dealing with. It will show them how knowledgeable and personable your team is.

2. Create Quality Content About Cleaning

According to Digital Portal, 4.95 billion people worldwide used the internet in January 2022. That is roughly 62.5% of the world’s total population. This means that more and more people are searching for information and content on the internet.

One way to grow your cleaning business fast is by creating quality content that will be seen online. Content like videos, articles and social media posts can play a big role in your cleaning business growth.

You can create a blog about cleaning – this can educate your potential clients and prove your expertise in the cleaning business. Come up with a list of cleaning blog ideas to write about.

You can also create a YouTube channel displaying your cleaning business’ uniqueness with cleaning tips or how you and your team clean.

In no time, when people search for “cleaning businesses” in your community, your business will pop up. Social media is another tool you can use to create content about cleaning. According to Smart Insights, 57.6% of the world’s population uses social media.

Imagine having an Instagram or Facebook account that gains regular engagement from its audience. Some of these will lead to customers for your cleaning business. You can also try Facebook Ads to grow your cleaning business even faster.

3. Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Cleaning Business

As email marketing becomes more popular and less of a novelty, businesses have been creative with their approaches.

If sending one generic newsletter is what worked well back when few people had access or interest – don’t settle any longer; send personalized emails tailored specifically towards your clients or potential clients.

It is possible to find the emails of CEOs of companies in your community through lead generation. If you can approach them in the right way, all you need is just one yes, and you could land a big client.

You can also send regular newsletters to your residential or commercial cleaning customers. Stay on top of industry news, provide valuable content and make sure your contact info is included so that you can stay in touch with readers.

It’s no longer just about making hard sales; it’s more important to become an authority about the cleaning industry! Try including some tips for maintaining a clean office space or offering insights into staying organized at home while managing multiple projects simultaneously.

This positions your business as a reliable source of information on all things cleaning.

4. Provide Memorable Cleaning Services

There is no better way of getting your message out there than on the internet, but you have to provide quality cleaning services when you work for someone. The world is a harsh environment, and people are quick to judge.

If you don’t treat every job as a “do-or-die” situation, there is a chance that you’ll receive a negative review online, and that is a major business cancer. We all know how it feels to be impressed by a good performance, and your clients deserve the same.

Make sure they are always blown away by the work you do for them.

Whether bidding on commercial contracts, residential cleaning, or specialty services like post-construction cleaning jobs, there are many ways to stay on top of your client’s minds and make them feel special.

Try picking up the phone, sending an email or SMS after they’ve had some time off from work if you haven’t heard back yet – it will show that their concerns matter even when everything else might be getting pushed aside.

If possible, offer birthday gifts (small tokens like flowers) around the holiday season too. Small gestures like these can lead people to talk about how great a cleaning business you are when friends come over!

Word-of-mouth and positive online reviews will create a snowballing effect for new clients for your cleaning business.

5. Canvas Your Community

In growing a cleaning business, you can only do so much online marketing; you also need to go the old-fashioned route to get your business noticed in the physical world. This can help you capture the percentage of the population that does not use the internet.

It is important not to underestimate the power of traditional marketing strategies. There are many ways you can go about getting your cleaning business noticed.

One way might be through face-to-face interactions with potential customers in their homes, restaurants, churches, stores, or other public settings. 

You can also create and post cleaning flyers in hot spots around your community to make people aware that your cleaning business exists. Consider attending community events and sponsorship opportunities.

Festivals, fairs, or other local happenings can be an excellent opportunity to market your business while showing off the good citizenship that makes it stand out from others in the cleaning industry. 


If you’ve ever wondered how to grow your cleaning business, we hope you’ve got enough information to get things moving now.

Whether you have a new cleaning business startup or have been trying to grow for a while now, with effort and perseverance, you can take your business to new heights and make all the hard work worth it.

All the best!

George Leon

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