How to Write a Painting Company Mission Statement

5 Tips to Write Your Mission Statement

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Did you recently start a painting company? Maybe you are about to create a painting company bio on a social media platform, and it hits you. You lack one of the basic tenets of a successful business; a mission statement.

Your painting company mission statement is a written statement that embodies the why of your business. It clearly states why you started your painting company and the purpose it is meant to serve in the life of your target audience.

It sounds simple right? But I bet if it were, you would not be here.

This article will examine how to write a painting company’s mission statement. We will look at best practices and things to avoid when writing your mission statement.

Why Do You Need A Mission Statement?

A mission statement tells anyone who looks at it why your painting company exists and what differentiates it from other painting companies. It gives your business focus and serves as a guide for building your brand.

It also tells your target audience about the business that makes you unique.

1. Include the Basics

There are four elements to every mission statement. These elements are a necessary part of writing a mission statement, and if they are missing, you’ll end up with an incomplete mission statement.

  • Include the value your painting company serves to all relevant stakeholders. It should describe what your company does, who you do it for, and how. 
  • What is the inspiration behind the company, and why should people prefer your company over others? It is what drives the business and sets it apart from the others.
  • Plausibility and believability are also essential when crafting your mission statement. Include the management team’s experience.
  • Specificity is essential, so ensure your mission statement ties back to your business.

2. Make it Short and Straightforward

You may think a mission statement should be lengthy, but this is not the case. A mission statement should be memorable and remind everyone of your painting company. A few sentences are enough, and anything beyond these might leave people struggling to remember it

3. Play With Words

Your mission statement should be concise and straightforward, but that does not mean it should be bland either. Play around with words and develop a mission statement that has a catchy feel to it.

Anyone that hears your mission statement should be able to paint a picture in their head of what your company stands for.

4. Consider Long-term Scenarios

Before writing your mission statement, ensure that you have written down your long-term goals. When writing your mission statement, please look at your long-term goals and make accommodations for them in your mission statement.

Do not write a mission statement that will limit your business. Consider your expansion goals, and create a mission statement that allows your painting company to grow.

5. A Mission Statement Is Not Set In Stone

Ask stakeholders and friends to look at the mission statement. Your mission statement is not set in stone, so if at some point you realize that the mission statement does not serve your business anymore, it could be time to change it. 

Now that you have crafted your mission statement, you should start using it. Make tweaks to it as your business grows and expands, but remember not to deviate from what your company stands for.

Your mission statement is meant to direct the actions of everyone in your company, and it is an essential branding and marketing tool. Hopefully, this guide has given you enough insight into writing a painting company’s mission statement.

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