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A painting invoice is a billing document detailing the specific painting services involved in a painting job. It’s important to use a clear, organized, and easy-to-understand invoice so your clients know exactly where their money goes. 

A professional painting invoice will not only make it easier for you to bill your clients quickly and accurately, but it will also make your company look more professional and keep your clients happy. 

Keep in mind the following invoicing tips, whether you’re adding a fresh coat of paint to a home’s exterior or a pop of color to a drab interior. We’ve also prepared a free template that you can easily edit to suit your custom painting jobs.

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FreeDocs – Painting Invoice Template

The Header of Your Invoices

Your painting invoice’s header is where you list out the most basic details about your company, the client, and the invoice. It’s

The topmost part of a painting invoice is a header containing basic information about your company, the client, and the project. Make sure to include complete contact details and the project’s start and completion dates. 

Put your company’s logo on the upper right side, ensuring that it’s noticeable at first glance. This will add a professional look and a personalized feel to your contractor invoice. 

Here is the essential information you must include in your painting invoice header:

Customer Details

  • Name
  • Billing Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number

Project Details

  • Project Name
  • Project Address
  • Project ID
  • Project Start Date
  • Project Completion Date

Rep Details

  • Rep Name
  • Rep Email
  • Rep Phone

Here’s an example of a simple, professional-looking painting invoice header:

blog 220326paintinginvoice2

Project Overview (Optional)

This section of your painting invoice is where you show the customer that you understood their needs and provided a custom solution to solve their specific problems. 

Adding a project overview to your painting invoice requires extra work. However, it will significantly improve your customer relationships. 

Your clients will certainly appreciate that you took the time to explain the specifics of the job and your custom approach to get it done properly. A well-thought-out project overview will impress your customers.

Happy clients will likely lead to more referrals or repeat work, which ultimately helps you get a continuous stream of painting jobs.

Quick tips to help you create a standout project overview:

  • Talk about the client’s main problem in the first paragraph. – Start the overview with a brief explanation of the painting job. Why did the customer request your services? What problems were they trying to solve? 
  • Highlight your solutions. – Discuss your custom solutions and the specific painting tasks you performed to improve the client’s property. Explain exactly how your painting job solved existing problems, from replacing deteriorating parts to priming and repainting the home. 
  • Discuss the current state of the property and foreseen benefits from the painting job. – In the final paragraph, let your client know that the property now looks in tiptop condition. Additionally, mention any long-lasting benefits, such as years of protection against the elements and increased curb appeal. 

Here’s an example of a project overview for an exterior paint job:

blog 220326paintinginvoice3

Exterior Painting Invoice

Exterior painting jobs usually involve washing and priming the outer materials of a home. After that, painters use weather-resistant paint that can hold up well to the elements all year long. Special painting tools and equipment are necessary to get the job done. 

As your custom painting job requires varying processes, including all necessary details in your professional contractor invoice is important. In our free sample template, you can simply list the components of your painting project.

You can also specify the measurement, quantity, rate, and total cost of each component. The total cost of the exterior painting job is listed on the lower-right side. 

Pro-Tip: Add any important information under the “Notes” column. For example, you can mention prep work done and the number of coats applied. 

Take a look at this sample invoice for an exterior painting job.

blog 220326paintinginvoice4

Interior Painting Invoice

Painting a home’s interior typically involves coating drywall and wood. This job doesn’t require as much prepping as a home’s exterior. However, the job can be more complex when there are damaged surfaces or if peeling paint needs scraping. 

Like an exterior painting invoice, a personalized interior painting invoice includes all the components of the custom painting job. Add necessary notes, especially if you painted the walls, trim, and ceilings. 

Here’s an example of a professional contractor invoice for an exterior painting project.

blog 220326paintinginvoice5

Painter Warranty

Offering a warranty boosts confidence in your painting business and strengthens customer loyalty. It gives your clients peace of mind knowing that their painter will go above and beyond to deliver excellent services.

Include a copy of your warranty when sending your painting invoice to your customer.  Decide what you want to cover, such as cracking, chipping, or bubbling issues.

Pro-Tip: You can also specify what’s not included in the coverage, like damages resulting from structural defects or mildew damage.

When Is the Best Time to Send an Invoice? 

Sending a painting invoice after successfully completing the job is the recommended practice. You can send an invoice within 24 to 48 hours of finishing the painting project. You can also send the client a receipt for their records showing that the bill is paid.

Build a lasting relationship with the client by sending a friendly, follow-up email. You can simply inform the customer that the job is done and ask them if they are satisfied with the results. If the client is happy, you can send your professionally made painting invoice through email. 

After receiving the full payment, nurture your customer relationship by sending a thank-you email. This will show that you provide excellent customer service even after completing the job. Satisfied clients will definitely recommend you to their friends, driving more leads and sales to your painting business. 

Ask for an online review that you can post on your painting website. Your customers can also directly give your company a review on your Facebook business page, Yelp, NextDoor, and other online avenues. 

What does a Painting Invoice Look Like

A painting invoice contains a list of work items performed on the job with accompanying prices. It usually also contains details about the job such as the job address, project start date, and assigned project manager.

blog 220326paintinginvoicecover1

Final Thoughts

With a professional-looking invoice, you can maintain a transparent business and let your customers understand exactly what they are paying for.

Remember to include all of the work you performed on the job, including any change orders that were not on the original estimate. Click below to download and print the template:

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FreeDocs – Painting Invoice Template
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