How to Get Painting Contracts: Find More Jobs & Grow Your Business

8 methods used by the pros

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So you want to get more painting contracts for your painting business? This article will show you eight ways for painting contractors to find more painting jobs using strategies proven to work anywhere.

Here are eight of our favorite strategies you can implement to increase your exposure, get qualified leads, and increase your revenue.

1. Claim Your Google Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile is the first task you should accomplish online, even before making social media accounts. Google Business Profiles have been and currently are the best 100% free way to market your business online.

Every day, there are 1.6 billion searches on Google with local intent. When people search for a painter in their local area, they will see the Google Business Profile section above websites in the search results.

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Getting verified on your Google Business Profile is simple and only takes a couple of weeks, max. Go to your Google Business Profile and create your business profile by choosing your name, filling out your description, adding photos, and requesting a postcard for verification.

2. Get Painting Jobs from your Website

What if your business marketed itself 24/7 regardless of if you’re working, sleeping, or out giving painting estimates? Having a website makes this possible, allowing you to outshine your competitors.

You can generate painting leads through Google and professionally showcase your portfolio with a website. 

Most painting contractors don’t have a high-performing website.

A high-performing website for a painting contractor needs well-written copy designed to convert the visitor into a customer, important features like a portfolio, contact form, testimonials, painting company bio, FAQ, etc., and search engine optimization to get found on Google.

What does this mean?

If you build a modern website and optimize it for SEO, you can grab a stronghold on the market.

3. Do SEO On Your Website

We get it. Your business gets bombarded with calls from salesman pitching you billboards, online leads, and probably most frequently SEO. It’s pervasive and annoying, but it doesn’t negate the fact that SEO can generate you a ton of painting contracts for “free.”

Free is in quotes because you may have to pay an expert to do it for you, but once you’ve ranked, leads that come in won’t cost you a thing.

“Rank #1 on Google in your local area, and you’ll constantly have quality leads coming in.”

What would you do with three fresh daily leads, all from your website? This is what painting contractors in medium-sized towns enjoy when they sit at the top of their local areas’ search results.

4. Build Out Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is vital in acquiring customers at multiple stages of your marketing funnel.

Talking about Facebook & Instagram here, people may not log on looking for a painting contractor, but between cat videos and family updates, seeing your content can spur them to reassess their home renovation dreams.

What kinds of content do you post?

The best content to post as a painting contractor is before and after photos. Everything else comes secondary to showing customers your ability to complete painting jobs. Potential customers will visit your social media to verify that:

  1. You’re still active as a contractor
  2. You do quality work in the painting trade.
  3. You can do what they’re looking for

Display this with your social media posts, and you’ll turn lookers into estimates and eventually painting contracts.

5. Target Homeowners With Facebook Ads

Once you have your social media profiles built out, you can accelerate your customer acquisition by creating Facebook Ads to get painting customers. Once again, this is a tactic that most of your competitors aren’t using, and if they are, they’re using it poorly.

Unfortunately, posts from business pages on Facebook & Instagram get lost in the shuffle. Facebook ads allow you to cut the line and place your services before your entire target market.

So far, we’ve shared five ways you can get painting contracts using the internet. We will finish off with three strategies you can use that don’t require the internet.

6. Create A Referral Program

Take all the ways you acquire customers (free or paid); you’re missing out on more business if you don’t have some referral program setup.

Assuming you do good work, customers will be at a peak state once you finish a job, which means that after completing a job is high time to ask customers for reviews and discuss a referral fee for sending you more business. 

Neighbors talk, and knowing that a $25 gift card to Starbucks is on the line sometimes is all it takes to inspire people to share your business with friends and family. 

7. Send Out Direct Mail

Do you know those grocery store coupons that fill up your mailbox? Well, it turns out that stuff like that works. Pick a neighborhood or area you’d like to work in and find a direct mail company.

Design a postcard or hire a designer, then stamp them yourself to add a bit of customization and ensure they don’t show up with other stuff.

You can get a head start by editing our free painting flyer template.

You can expect between 0.5% to 1% of people who received a postcard to become a customer, which isn’t bad at all.

8. Put Up Lawn Signs

Place lawn signs on properties that give you permission, your home, and at the homes of customers while you’re working and after job completion if they’ll allow it. 

Many people think of hiring a painting contractor lingering in the back of their heads. Driving past you painting a house can reintroduce the concept to them, and seeing your lawn sign can inspire them to become your next customer.

Final Takeaways

All the shared strategies will help any painting contractor get more painting contracts. You can try all of these strategies or pick a few of them as your budget and schedule allow.

Mixing offline and online digital marketing will enable you to cover your area keeping your crews busy.

If you need help implementing any of these online techniques, get in touch with the team at Scalebloom to discuss how you can get more painting contracts thanks to online marketing.

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