HVAC Facebook Advertising: Complete Guide to HVAC Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a significant part of today’s best HVAC digital marketing strategies, and for a good reason.

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Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social networks where you can connect with your target audience and gain lots of potential HVAC leads.

The latest statistics reveal that Facebook provides the highest ROI among all paid channels for most companies. One in three business owners lists Facebook ads as their best performer for ROI.

If you haven’t tapped Facebook advertising yet as part of your online HVAC marketing strategy, you’re missing out big time on opportunities to boost your leads, sales, and profits.

We’ll discuss everything you need to know about Facebook ads to help you jumpstart your digital marketing strategy.

What Are Facebook Ads?

First things first, let’s talk about Facebook ads and how they work.

Paid ads that appear exclusively through Facebook’s advertising platform are called Facebook ads. These ads are available in various formats, like single images, videos, and slideshows.

You typically see them in your Facebook News Feed and Messenger. You can even sometimes see them on non-Facebook apps and sites.

Why Should You Add Facebook Ads to Your Online Marketing Strategy?

So why exactly should you take advantage of Facebook advertising? Here are three key reasons to consider:

Facebook ads work.

More than 2.91 billion users actively use Facebook every month, making Facebook the market leader in social media. What’s more, around 93% of marketers find Facebook ads effective and spend a lot of their online marketing efforts on Facebook.

Your competitors are probably already using Facebook ads, and you should too. Facebook is simply the biggest social media platform where you can engage with existing and prospective HVAC customers who are interested in doing business with you.

Facebook allows you to micro-target your audience.

Facebook has impressive targeting capabilities.

You can easily target your HVAC Facebook ads to specific audiences based on age, location, demographics, interests, etc.

It’s important to refine your target market, so your ads reach people who will likely pay for your services rather than just some random users.

The Facebook advertising platform features stellar analytics.

Facebook gives you extensive analytics and reports on the performance of your HVAC ads. This takes the guesswork out of your HVAC Facebook marketing strategy.

You’ll know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

You’ll see your conversion rates, posts with the best performance, weekly reach, and a lot more.

Facebook makes it easy for marketers to gain valuable insight on conversions and sales, so you can enhance your ads and get the most bang for your buck.

Doing Facebook Marketing the Right Way

Everything about Facebook advertisements – from how you word them to when you place them – plays a crucial role in effectively achieving your campaign goals.

HVAC Facebook advertising can do wonders for your business when done right.

We suggest avoiding boosted posts at all costs. They’re honestly just a waste of your money. They make running Facebook ads easy, but you have zero control over ad placements. It’s critical to select a suitable campaign objective and relevant target audience and still have control over where you want your HVAC Facebook ads to appear.

Follow these steps to get your HVAC ad campaigns up and running in no time:

Step 1 – Set Up Your Ad Account.

First, visit Facebook Ads Manager to see your personal ad account ID, which you can find in the upper-left corner of the page.

Where to find your personal ad account ID

Make sure to set up a verified payment method and a Facebook business page to use Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook’s ad campaigns all go through the Ad Manager tool. Your Facebook Ad Accounts page shows you a brief overview of your ad account.

Step 2 – Come Up With a Compelling Offer.

Think of an attention-grabbing offer that immediately captures the interest of your target audience. Something that will get them thinking, “Wow, this is a no-brainer! I’ll call this HVAC company right now.”

So what makes an offer compelling enough to generate lots of leads for your HVAC business? Your offer should tick the following boxes:

  • Great value – Since you want to attract homeowners, you could offer a higher discount than competitors. What are your competitors lacking, and how can you provide better services than them? You’d want to make sure that you’re offering something worthwhile for your existing customers and prospects.
  • No complexities – Try to keep it simple with no barriers that could result in lower conversion rates. For example, you can offer a free extra service with any purchase instead of forcing people to spend hundreds of dollars first. You can likely upsell customers on costlier HVAC services once you’re on-site.
  • Targets the right prospects – Avoid giving away unrelated freebies, like free shirts, when creating your HVAC Facebook ads. You want to attract leads who will convert and become lasting customers instead of people who just want something free.

Step 3 – Pick Your Objective.

Now that you’ve created a fantastic offer, let’s make your Facebook ad.

Click on the green “Create” button first.

creating a new ad

Next, choose your desired campaign objective. You have various ways to approach your ad campaign depending on what you want to achieve. Here are the three categories when choosing a campaign objective:

  • Awareness – You can choose to increase brand awareness, which means showing your Facebook ads to people who will likely remember them. Increasing your reach means showing your ads to as many prospects as possible. Awareness ad types are typically better for small budgets.
  • Consideration – This category focuses on driving traffic to your Facebook page or your HVAC website, improving lead generation, driving engagement on Messenger, and getting more page likes and reactions.
  • Conversion – If you want people to use your services, you may opt to encourage people to claim your offer, improve website engagement, visit your shop, or boost sales.

When it comes to HVAC Facebook marketing, the ideal campaign objectives are typically brand awareness, traffic, engagement, and lead generation.

If you want more website visitors within your service area, you can send people to your homepage, promotions page, or service page.

Step 4 – Name Your Ad Campaign.

After choosing the right marketing objective, the next step is to name your online ad campaign. Come up with a campaign name that your marketing team, if any, will recognize easily.

naming your ad campaign

Step 5 – Create a Budget.

Think about how much you’d like to spend on Facebook ads for HVAC services. When you set a daily limit, Facebook uses your specific criteria to show your ad to your target audience at the right time and place. The ads automatically stop running once your budget is used, and they will start the next day again.

You can also set a lifetime budget, which is the maximum amount of money you’re willing to spend for the entire ad campaign. Facebook runs your ad based on ad performance and ends your campaign once your budget runs out.

Step 6 – Specify Your Target Audience.

It’s important to show your ads to the right audience so you can meet your objectives.
As an HVAC business owner, you’re likely limited by geography. In other words, you only work within a particular territory, like cities, neighborhoods, boroughs, or a few states.

This means targeting is pretty easy for you. Simply use a combination of zip codes, radiuses, and addresses to let Facebook know exactly where you want your ads to appear.

Be sure to select “people who live in this location,” so Facebook targets residents in your city rather than travelers or passersby.

You’re likely targeting homeowners, and there aren’t many under 30 years old. You can set an age range between 30 to 65 to narrow down your target audience.

You’ll find a “Detailed Targeting” section where Facebook specifically targets people showing homeownership behaviors if you choose Demographics > Home > Home Ownership. This way, you can get your offer in front of potential leads instead of wasting your budget on irrelevant users.

Additionally, you can further personalize your targeting by using custom audiences. This allows you to retarget people who previously engaged with your business.

Step 7 – Select Your Ad Placements.

Facebook lets you choose where your ad shows up, like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or the Audience Network.

  • Feeds – Your ad appears in feeds to increase your HVAC business’ visibility.
  • Stories and Reels – Full-screen vertical ads make it easy to tell an immersive story.
  • Search – People can find your business when they search on Facebook.
  • In-stream – Your ad could appear while people watch videos.
  • Reels overlay – Your HVAC Facebook ads show up as stickers or banner ads when people watch short-form content.
  • In-article – Those who read Instant Articles – which are HTML documents that load very quickly – will see your ad while using the Facebook mobile app.
  • Messages – You could send offers and updates to existing customers.
  • Apps and sites – Your ad can also appear in non-Facebook apps and sites.

Craft an Amazing Ad.

Now it’s time to create an eye-catching advertisement that will generate traffic, leads, and sales.

It’s important to understand what kind of ad works best for your HVAC business and which type of ad copy effectively turns prospects into new leads.

Here are some of the most common Facebook ad types that work well for HVAC Facebook marketing:

Videos and Slideshows

Videos are the most engaging of all ad types, and video ads are highly likely to attract new prospects. 84% of consumers say they have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video.

Put together a short, interesting video that showcases your HVAC services, explains what you can do, and makes your business look dependable and friendly. You’ll definitely be leagues ahead of other HVAC businesses that only use static image ads.

You don’t have to create something Oscar-worthy. Just be yourself, talk about the value you offer, and how you can make your customers’ lives much easier.

You can also invest in a more professional presentation if you want something more polished. We typically use before and after shots to show proof of quality services and build trust.

Facebook also features a built-in slideshow creator that lets you produce a short video consisting of images and text.

Photo Ads

Photo ads feature a clean, simple format to show off stunning imagery and engaging copy. Make sure to use high-resolution images and illustrations.

Choose a photo ad if you prefer an easy way to start your HVAC Facebook advertising.

Carousel Ads

A carousel ad allows you to display up to ten images and videos, each with a distinct link. If you want to draw attention, showing a collection of images while allowing users to swipe left and right can catch the interest of your prospects.

As an HVAC contractor, you can use a carousel ad to showcase the quality of your services, a step-by-step tour of your HVAC business, or positive reviews from past clients.

Complete Your Ad.

After choosing a format for your ad, you can then upload your video, photo, or collection of images. Add a brief but engaging copy – with a headline and call to action – that will compel people to stop scrolling and click on your ad.

Finally, select “Publish” at the bottom right-hand side of the page. Facebook will review your new ad within 24 hours and send you a confirmation email once it’s live.

Final Thoughts: Growing Your Business With Facebook

Investing in Facebook ads can help you engage with your customers, generate more leads, and ultimately enjoy massive returns over the long haul if you’re doing it right. This is why we recommend Facebook Ads to be a part of every HVAC company’s business plan.

If you still have questions, we’re ready to give you a helping hand and do all the heavy lifting for you. We have HVAC Facebook advertising experts who will deal with all the complicated stuff, so you have plenty of time to focus on growing your HVAC business.

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